Who Are We?

Adam Itayem

Adam purchased Tom's Barbecue and Deli from Tom Stergios in 1995. Stergios had bought the site from the Taylor family in 1982 and began Tom's Barbecue and Deli. The Taylors had operated their grocery at Getwell and Raines since 1950. Adam added two freezers, a walk-in cooler, and two patios by the beginning of the new century. What the Taylors had begun almost 70 years ago, Adam has turned into an award-winning tourist attraction as well as a favorite among locals.

Tom Stergios (pictured above) bought Taylor's Grocery in 1982. He had been in the Grecian Army. His uncles ran a restaurant in downtown Memphis and invited Tom to move to Memphis and learn food service. 

He learned the barbecue trade in Memphis and added his Mediterranean flavor which you can still taste today. 

Tom purchased the property and served many people until he suffered a stroke in the 1990s and sold it to Adam. 

Sadly, Tom passed away a few years ago.

Genuine Pit Barbecue

Adam is very particular about his food. He serves he best food with excellent taste!

Adam is very particular about his food. He buys the best quality food which is the starting point for excellent tasting dishes! 

The barbecue is meticulously bought and prepared. 

After hours of smoking, the meat is placed over hot coals of Hickory wood and charcoal.

Not only is the food prepared well, you can count on the care given for the best of hygiene. 

You are like family 

and we will care for you like that.

Where Friends Meat!

The original building was a 

grocery store/gas station 

which faced Getwell Road. 

The Taylors built it by themselves.

The daughters and grandson of the Taylors

Pictured today are the Taylor daughters and a grandson and friend.

They re-lived many old memories.

Mrs. Taylor is pictured in front of her grocery. Many old timers have attested to the great taste of her sandwiches.

Getwell and Raines Roads 

were dirt roads.